很多同学写英语论文或学期作业的时候苦于词汇量有限,千字以内还将就能应付,篇幅再长一点就会出现熟悉的词汇反复用,习惯句式车轱辘话来回说的尴尬,又或者几个段落之间的连接词按照 123 123 123 的节奏无限循环。


1. individuals,characters替换(people ,persons)

2. positive,favorable, rosy (美好的),promising(有希望的),perfect, pleasurable , excellent, outstanding, superior替换good

3. dreadful,unfavorable, poor, adverse, ill (有害的)替换bad

注 如果bad做表语,可以有be less impressive替换

eg An army of college students indulge themselves in playing games,enjoying romance with girls/boys or killing time passively in their dorms. Whenit approaches to graduation,as a result, they findtheir academic records are less impressive

4. (anarmy of, an ocean of, a sea of, a multitude of ,a host of, many, if not most)替换many.

注 用many, if notmost 一定要小心,many后一定要有词。

eg Manyindividuals, if not most, harbor the idea that….同理,用most, if not all ,替换most.

5. aslice of, quite a few, several替换some

6. harborthe idea that, take the attitude that, hold the view that, it is widely shared that,it is universally acknowledged that替换think

注 因为是书面语,所以要加that

7. affair,business ,matter替换thing

8. shared替换common

9. reaphuge fruits替换get manybenefits

10. formy part ,from my own perspective替换in my opinion

11. Increasing(ly),growing替换more and more

注 没有growingly这种形式。所以当修饰名词时用increasing/growing.修饰形容词,副词用increasingly.

egsth has gained growing popularity. Sth is increasingly popular withthe advancement of sth.

12. littleif anything, 或little ornothing替换hardly

13. beneficial,rewarding替换helpful

14. shopper,client, consumer, purchaser, 替换customer

15. exceedingly,extremely, intensely替换very

16. hardlynecessary, hardly inevitable … 替换 unnecessary, avoidable

17. sthappeals to sb, sth exerts a tremendous fascination on sb 替换sb take interest in / sb. be interested in

18. captureone’s attention替换attract one’sattention.

19. facet,demension, sphere代aspect

20. beindicative of ,be suggestive of ,be fearful of代 indicate, suggest ,fear

21. giverise to, lead to, result in, trigger替换cause.

22.There are several reasons behind sth替换..reasons for sth

23. desire替换want.

24. pourattention into替换pay attentionto

25. bearin mind that替换remember

26.enjoy, possess 替换have


27.interaction 替换communication

28. frownon sth替换be against , disagree with sth

29. toname only a few, as an example替换 for example, for instance

30.next to / virtually impossible,替换nearly / almost impossibl


  1. 琐碎的,不重要的,微不足道的—trivial frivolous superficial trifling worthless
  2. 轻视,贬抑—disdain despise reject scorn contempt derogate depreciat
  3. 嘲笑,嘲讽—deride mock ridicule scorn sneer quip flout hack persiflage taunt
  4. 容易冲动的—impetuous hasty headlong rash brash passionate precipitate reckless
  5. 理论家,空谈家—doctrinaire pedant theorist
  6. 残忍的,野蛮的—ferocious bloodthirsty brutal cruel fierce vicious wild atrocious
  7. 邪恶的,有害的,致命的—sinister diabolic corrupt forbidding pernicious virulent
  8. 秘密的,偷偷的—cryptic furtive covert covered hidden hideaway
  9. 避难所—asylum haven home institution refuge shelter harbor
  10. 节约的—frugal prudent saving economical sparing thrifty abstemious stint
  11. 浪费的,挥霍的—prodigal extravagant lavish spendthrift wasteful squander
  12. 浪费时间,逗弄,嬉戏—dally dawdle delay lag linger loiter
  13. 祝福,感谢—benediction bless bliss blessing
  14. 欺骗,诈骗—deceive beguile dupe hoax mislead trick bamboozle cheat delude
  15. 逃避工作—malinger goldbrick relinquish
  16. 揭密,泄漏—uncover disclose expose open reveal unmask
  17. 掠夺,抢劫—loot predaterob pillage plunder sack spoil despoil burglarize angle
  18. 诽谤,中伤—aspersion slander derogate calumniate libel discredit denigrate
  19. 赞扬—extol compliment glorify laud praise commend acclaim eulogize eucomium
  20. 颂词,表扬—laud eulogy ode hymn
  21. 反对,不赞成—demur deprecate dissent dissident
  22. 否认,拒绝,驳斥—contradict dispute refute renounce naysay reject repudiate gainsay
  23. 哀悼,后悔,哀叹—deplore bemoan regret lament dirge bewail repent
  24. 驱逐,出境—deport banish expel expatriate evict exile oust exclude ostracism
  25. 居住—dwell abidereside inhabit occupy
  26. 夸张,吹牛—vaunt exaggerate bombast overstate full-blown overdo magnify amplify
  27. 夸张的—stilted lofty
  28. 傲慢,专横—hauteur swagger imperious arrogance overbearing preemptory scurrilous contemptuoushaughty insolent arbitrary
  29. 活泼的—vivacious active animated brisk dynamic energetic exuberant gay lively
  30. 恶作剧的,顽皮的——prankish naughty impish elfish devilish mischievous puckish
  31. 笨拙的,麻烦的—cumbersome bulky burdensome clumsy troublesome unmanageable bothersomegauche antic awkward ham-handed
  32. 暴乱,骚动—agitation bother commotion fret stir riot squall
  33. 大风暴—tempest violence storm
  34. 大混乱,大灾难—havoc calamity catastrophe misfortune disaster mishap tragedy
  35. 巨大的,惊人的—prodigious colossal enormous extraordinary gigantic huge immense mammoth vast tremendous
  36. 例外的,奇特的,罕见的—exceptional remarkable stupendous
  37. 奇妙的,不可思议的—miraculous wonderful marvelous
  38. 大胆的,莽撞的—audacious bold brave daring gallant heroic valiant prowess
  39. 多产的,丰富的,繁茂的—prolific fecund fertile fruitful productive flourish opulent well-off munificent prosperous affluent plentiful abundant
  40. 贫瘠的,不孕的,不毛之地—barren sterile
  41. 贫困的,贫乏的,没钱的—indigent penurious penury impecunious improvished needy down-and -out penniless wretched destitute bankrupt
  42. 手铐,束缚—shackle handcuff manacle chain bind fetter
  43. 神秘的—mysterious esotericoccult
  44. 取消,撤销,废除—resciss repeal nullify abolish quash withdraw abrogate overrule abolish annul cancel invalidate recall rescind revoke nullify retract
  45. 使衰弱,使衰老—enfeebl eenervate debilitate weaken vitiate
  46. 虚弱的,衰老的—feckless flaccid flagging languid effete
  47. 耻辱,污名—tarnish stain slur disgrace brand blemish stigma discredit humiliation
  48. 持久的—everlasting perpetual permanent endurable abiding eternal
  49. 短暂的—momentary temporary transient ephemeral evanescent provisional
  50. 谨慎的,警觉的—wary chary vigilant discreet considerate cautious prudent
  51. 责备,指责,咒骂—accuse blame censure charge denounce impugn impeach indict invective execrate condemn criticize reproach reprove disapprove upbraid vituperate reprove injure reprehend rebuke inveigh diatribe abuse lambaste obloquy
  52. 免责,确定无罪—exempt exonerate exculpate invulnerable absolve
  53. 妨碍,阻挠—filibuster encumber impede hamper hinder stymie curb obstruct restrain retard hamper thwart foil clog check occlude
  54. 促进,帮助—precipitateaccelerate advance facilitate hasten hurry promote quicken speed-up assist abet press
  55. 挑剔的—meticulous nitpick finicky finical exacting censoring fussy punctilious prudish fastidious choosy critical particular selective pernickety prissy
  56. 苛责,吹毛求疵的—carpcavil pick criticize quibble
  57. 迅速发展—prosper flourish thrive boom develop grow increase mushroom sprout
  58. 镇压—quell appease extinguish hush lull mollify pacify quiet smother
  59. stifle subdue suppress squelsh foil slake quench
  60. 刺激—rouse arouseawaken excite foment anger inflame kindle move pique provoke disquiet incense whet stimulate stir instigate galvanize vex rile roil annoy aggravate disturb irritate
  61. 放纵—indulge coddle pamper pander-to mollycoddle humor cater dote-on
  62. sybarite voluptuary wanton spoil
  63. 笨蛋,傻瓜—dolt numskull dunce blockhead lout idiocy idiot cretin half-wit fool dullard imbecile moron simpleton prat oaf slouch dull-head
  64. 愚蠢—idiocy stupidity absurdity madness lunacy folly
  65. 愚蠢的—crass doltish oafish imbecilic moronic fatuous vacuous
  66. 伪造,掺假—adulterate forge counterfeit falsify bogus
  67. 真正的,纯种的—genuine authentic
  68. 真实的,坦诚的,诚实的—candid candor frank fair genuine open pure trustworthy trustful veracious virtuous
  69. 减弱,降低—clam appease allay alleviate ease lessen moderate pacify relieve attenuate abate
  70. 宁静的,平静的—quiet calm serene peaceful silent still tranquil pacific
  71. 冷静的,不为所动的—phlegmatic impassive apathetic composed indifferent reserve dunemotional unfeeling unmoved
  72. 新手,生手—apprentice neophyte novice typo greenhorn freshman uninitiated verdant
  73. 预言,预知,预告—presage predict forecast foresee foretell portend portent prophesy anticipate omen divine soothsay augur forebode presentiment
  74. 犹豫,停滞—balk boggle scruple demur falter flounder pause vacillate waver hesitate
  75. 消除,除去—efface erase obliterate raze eliminate exterminate
  76. 闲扯,瞎说—drivel prate babble chat chatter gossip blab prattle babble gabble jabber
  77. 怀脾气的,暴躁的—cantankerous cranky irascible irritable quarrelsome
  78. choleric apoplectic churlish petulant raspy
  79. 蹒跚,摇晃,跌倒—stagger lurch reel sway tumble waver flounder dodder ramshackle
  80. 昂首阔步—swagger strut
  81. 固执的—headstrong obstinate stubborn willful firm dogged adamant
  82. bullheaded pigheaded inflexible tenacious rigid stiff unbending unyielding dour bigoted recalcitrant bigotry tenacity pertinacity
  83. 温顺的,驯服的—tame obedient meek gentle docile tame bonhomie
  84. 效忠,尊敬—homage adoration deference esteem honor respect reverence veneration
  85. 忠诚—fidelity allegiance attachment devotion faith fealty loyalty
  86. 精确,准确—accuracy exactness exactitude precision
  87. 简洁的—concise terse curt brief succinct compendious condensed compressed laconic
  88. 大纲,摘要—precis compendium compendia abstract summary synopsis
  89. 扼要,说明—recapitulate summarize outline
  90. 民意测验,民意调查—gall-up pollster
  91. 仁慈的,温和的,宽大的—lenient benefic beneficent benign benignant clement indulgent merciful mild tolerant
  92. 陈旧的—antiquated banal shopworn antique moth-eaten old-fashioned cliche dated outmoded hackneyed time-worn threadbare trite immemorial obsolete
  93. 使成僵局,僵局—stalemate deadlock
  94. 粗略的,大概的,粗糙的—schematic cursory coarse crude rough vulgar churlish husky
  95. 吸引人的—intriguing alluring appealing attractive bewitching captivate charming enchanting enticing fascinating interesting inviting tantalizing tempting thrilling winning ingratiating
  96. 优势,主权,权势—clout ascendance ascendancy authority preponderance
  97. 荒谬的,愚蠢的,可笑的—preposterous absurd silly ridiculous senseless nonsensical
  98. 合理的—logical national reasonable sound
  99. 一致的,相等的,同样的—congruent tantamount commensurate
  100. 和睦,一致—concord harmony agreement rapport conformity
  101. 分配,给予,分发—allocate allot apportion assign distribute divide
  102. 相称的,合适的,应得的—condign becoming fitting proper suitable appropriate
  103. 微不足道的—trivial frivolous measly paltry superficial trifling worthless